Make your web app work offline

One of the more detailed descriptions how to work with the AppCache Manifest in HTML5 is published here. But since you have no time to read all that:

The manifest.appcache file is a HTML5 feature, that tells the browser to cache files locally for your web app. So you app works, even if there is no network connection. The really cool thing is the combination of that feature with the “Add to home screen” Javascript fly-in that will trigger your readers to bookmark your app locally.

If they do that, you have a fully fledged web app going, that is moved to the home screen on the iPhone easily and gives you a way to navigate around the app store for these simple applications.

There are some examples out in the wild, but I am amazed how little that feature of HTML5 is praised around the web.

Here is the condensed info:

  1. add the .appcache file type to your Apache config, so the server is delivering the right file type
  2. create the manifest (the simpler your pages, the simpler the file) like here
  3. add the rel link in your HTML header like shown in above link

that makes these web apps really powerful!

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