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This is not a paid advertisement nor do I hand out the praise lightly. Over the course of years there are not so many licenses I’ve paid without thinking about. As a developer and manager in one person, I rely on tools to transport information. So obviously I paid for PHPStorm or Office 365. It is just clear that you get the best tools for your job that you work on for 10-12 hours a day. No professional nurse wears cheap old shoes and no IT professional should refuse to get the best tools.

That said: Balsamiq Mockup works very well for us at the moment. We have two open Apps in the making and they are based on the mockups I made with Balsamiq. Their homepage is here and the pricing is currently at $89 …

I specifically like the option to export the mockups in project as a linked PDF file that jumps from page to page and for apps, they have a bazillion extra elements you can download.

mockup example

They are also active on twitter and just as my sorry butt was saved once again by the tool, balsamiq tweeted:

I can also recommend to use a screen recorder and go into presentation mode for your design. It helps the screen designers to understand, what you are about to do!

mockup tool presentation

Going thru the software demo with the ridiculous big blue arrow is actually a big help for everybody to understand what you are coding!

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