Why HTML5 and Javascript is good for business

If you have started with HTML and Javascript in the 90s like I have, you have a hard time to overcome your prejudices like “Javascript is just for basic website tinkering, if you really want a complex application, you better go Ruby, PHP, Perl, Java, C++ etc.”. Well, that is wrong – plain and simple.

In a networked world with the “Internet of Things” on the rise, displays active as small as your next watch, HTML5 and Javascript now are at the center of all technology, supported by the classic coding languages (and the new ones, too). We have seen great new websites in the past 5 years and great services in HTML5 – from GMail to Facebook and probably every responsive WordPress theme: it is much nicer to work in concert with serverside power and the magic of HTML5 in the frontend.

I am still amazed by my Synology storage system at home and how powerful the administration interface is for the browser:

Synology storage system

It is all HTML5 and Javascript and in the local network it is really fast. Examples like that should give you the confidence and trust that interface design and client-side logic in HTML5 and Javascript is the first choice for business applications, too.

Accessing (big) data and visualisation of statistics, information, etc. from any device on the network at any time will be enabled by the use of it. We are no longer on the brink of a technology slide – it is already happening left and right. Now go and figure out, what business solutions can be done with it…

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