Right on time for EnterJS 2015 in Darmstadt: Live!

Right on track, right on time: coming Thursday we are at the fantastic EnterJS conference in Darmstadt, talking about Javascript development and business applications with HTML5.

For that we have officially launched our pricing model with 2 different sizes of business app offers, ranging from 99.- US$ to 398.- US$. Currently only the Euro pricing is available, but we will keep the amounts pretty similar.

Both packages offer solid features for a modern infrastructure with HTML5 business apps:

  • Cloud Storage up to (currently) 14 Terabytes per App with upload features
  • User management
  • Form builder
  • Synchronization API
  • AppCache pre-configured (for your HTML5 offline manifest)
  • SSL certificates
  • Included sub-domains or domains

and more. With this offer, we are one of a few infrastructure providers for business apps in Javascript for all devices. 2 powerful apps are currently on the way and will be available on our platform soon.

We are looking forward to any kind of feedback from developers, business users and our friends!

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