The Power Search for our Javascript API

When you are heading for an object storage facility for business apps, you either go for a NoSQL solution like MongoDB or you combine “old” technologies to combine the best of both worlds:

  1. stable and tested for a decade
  2. ease of use and object storage driven

in one fell swoop!

We have decided to combine technology that we know in and out and add a layer of smooth handling to offer you both sides of the world and took the latest SphinxSearch release and built it into the API. That is done and tested now. As always, Sphinx is an incredible powerhouse for online search!

The documentation of API V2 was also updated today with the example, how to use it! If you are a beginner in Javascript REST calls, we strongly recommend to read this article first. Nicely written.

We officially release API V2.0 for business apps and you are free to work with it now. It will be supported for at least two years and we are now already working on release 3.0!

As feared we are still behind in publishing the Open Source parts for your own apps, but I think we have that within the next 4 weeks.

Stay tuned!

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