Updates and Apps

It took an extra week, but 2 more releases of software are out (1 app and 1 tool for Microsoft Office), we have updated the API and expanded our directory of business as well.

Here are the two new releases:

The new app that came out last week was the Beta for inSite Feedback. Register for the free beta on their site and get access to the Javascript snippet that you need to improve you online estate!

The second tool is a specific Outlook Plug-in for Windows only. My good friend Martin from Crypted.Company released that plug-in specifically as an add-on to his encryption tools in Javascript and targets the simple encryption of emails. He provides a free test version.

The API update:

The API update includes the search command now. We have integrated the SphinxSearch server and you can call the API with the search command now in a simple matter:


that does a full text search on your keyword in appdata=…

The documentation will be updated within the next week. There are some additional perks to mention which will also spawn a new blog post! Stay tuned

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