New Releases – Going full Business App Mania…

The September was a crazy month and it is not over yet. But all our Apps that we have initiated or took parts in, are now close to final release. Funny enough that I tried to release one after the other, but somehow it all falls in place just now in the last week of September.

meeting agend organizer

With our first own app went into Open Beta last week. You may sign-up for free and test the first release. We are aware of some minor bugs, but you can (and should) use it to make meetings more efficient. It follows the principals of well-planned and well-organized business meetings. It allows you to upload files and sync your meetings with Outlook, too. I am pretty proud of that small, simple but powerful tool!

Digitaler Aufmaß Zettel

On the German site of we show the first screens of our cool new time recording and progress documentation software for the construction market. Construction workers manage projects and document their progress – We hope to present it in English by mid-October!

Insite Feedback

Last, but not least: InSite Feedback went also into Open Beta a few days ago and will relaunch with more features based on your input and bug reports soon. The App became pretty impressive already and if you are a Web Developer: check it out!

So far the news from our side. I will update you in the first week of October again!

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