Affiliate Program is live for Meetingify

Many great apps are just not promoted enough to make it into the world as successful hits. They have all it needs, but people just do not find them or do not understand the scope of features provided.

Here come affiliates into play: Successful online marketeers take a look at an App and decide how to promote and distribute it best. To honor these efforts you would offer a bounty for new sign-ups. They blog about your app, they do content marketing and videos.

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With meetingify, we show you on a live example how that works: We have teamed up with ShareASale to offer partners a share on each sale and a little bounty on each valid sign-up.

That is done by integrating a tracking code on the sales page of your app. I have explained that shortly in a post here – scroll down a bit into the second part of the post to learn, how you can integrate tracking codes into your App Sales Process as well.

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