How an App can help you to improve yourself

I am an entrepreneur. That comes with ups and downs when we talk about character and personality.

An up might be, that I am approachable, interested in new stuff and open to crazy ideas. On the other hand: I am not very flexible, if it comes to commands from the outside. While I listen to suggestions it is hard for me to obey blindly. I guess that is caused by the strong urge to leave the beaten path and the adventure that this might promise.

It might well be in the entrepreneurial soul to stray and test and look outside the box. That said: an App that tells me, what to do and how to handle certain procedures is not my friend. It rather is a necessary evil I have to use to get all things in my company in order.

Meeting App

One thing in my New Years resolution 2016 is to use our very own Meetingify App to spend less time in inefficient meetings! While doing so, I think we will rework some parts of the App to be less intrusive and a bit more flexible of your needs when it comes to meetings.

Yet, having a structure for meetings and a clear path does lower frustration and improves work results:

  • Having a purpose and letting people know about it
  • Prepare meetings professionally: Agenda (with time table), goals and participants
  • Enforce the structure and time table, even if your colleagues are not too happy with you or you feel insecure
  • Get to-do lists out of it and follow up (aka Deadline)!
  • Obey the rules of structured meetings

The usage of the App is free for up to 10 meetings and since I am using it myself: let me know what you think and if you are willing to submit yourself to the meeting rules and structure :-)!

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