Latest Updates for a start into 2016

Besides feasting over food and drinks with friends and family over the last 3 weeks we also had some time to clean up code, improve some products and get ready for 2016, which is already a few days old now. So here are the most important updates from the zone…

  • German menu app: We have created a simple app for innkeepers to create a menu for their place. In the center of the app is the social aspect of a menu in a restaurant: you want to note, who takes what and might want to share it with your friends. We already have a few users on it and it just makes sense. It monetizes on ads, so it is free to use!
  • APIv2 updates: Something that we can not show, but tell… The code of the APIv2 on has been slightly improved for speed and stability. To learn how to use it, you would take a look at our Open Source section on the site.
  • Mobiflex release V1.2: Our time and work documentation tool for construction workers has been updated from version 1.0 to 1.2 – we had the app in live conditions for some time and some user journeys have just been HORRIBLE, I admit – all better now! Still, the administration section is only available in German. The app itself is English and German and we hope to release the English administration section during the summer.
  • New office: Our move into the new Frankfurt offices is almost done. It is still a bit messy with all the folders and things we wanted to clean up and on Thursday we will give the place the final touches. Yeah!

So far so good – now we will dive back into the sales and marketing process. Happy surfing!

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