New Persona Management Tool for SEO online

In “Online Marketing” you call certain user groups “Personas” (and KissMetrics has a nice intro to it online). These “personas” have a browsing and behavioral profile that grows over time. If you do specific dynamic testing on your pages to address different people from different places with different devices around the planet – that can get really complicated.

Over the past few days, I have coded a new Browser on a Chromium based framework to enable online marketeers to jump around the planet in different languages without loosing track of their persona data. This is the first public beta release:

Persona Tool

and it works on Windows and Mac (yes, Linux is also possible – there is a little help section how to run it on Linux).

It is based on NodeJS with webkit (aka and comes with a free trial to use our proxy network and the Backend servers. I am always extremely grateful for any Beta Test reports and suggestions on what to do next. The final release is planned for March – let me know, what you think!

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  1. And I have updated the pages and the download files for the App just a few minutes ago… thanks for the bug reports! We are closing in on a final Beta! Stuff works!

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