Updated Simple Version of our Proxy Tool Zonions

We put a lot of work into the backend of PersonaTool – our sophisticated online persona switching software. While doing so, we figured: hey, a simple proxy tool for people, who want to watch movies abroad and avoid geo-blocking is easily created out of the same source: vóila!

Today we have updated the new Zonions.com Proxy Tool.

Again based on the cool “NWJS.io“, this package for Mac and Windows comes with its own Chrome browser included, that can be easily pointed to over 22 different countries we support. The backend is the same as we use for PersonaTool.com and that means: it is pretty fast! Both tools run on our own backend in Germany, US, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Japan – just to name the busiest outlets.

The download and trial versions can be tested for 3 days and are free. Check it out.

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