Automation Jobs With Javascript: beyond development

There are 2 wonderful tools you might want to check out as a vivid Javascript developer:



This allows you to record and play back actions on Mac and Windows that you can use in tools like – we have integrated that framework in our PersonaTool browser and it can automate basic clicking (likes, share, notes) actions.

It needs some careful steering instructions, flavored with waits and events, so you do not accidentally miss the target to click on, but I am using this for some basic repetitive tasks already.



The most powerful tool I have seen so far. A real headless browser, that you direct and steer with Javascript. It gives you full access to the DOM, lets you inject Javascript and look for specific texts in a page to trigger additional events. Yes, spammers – that lib is used to set these stupid senseless referrers in your Google Analytics account – don’t do that!


Both tools can be used for wonderful automation tasks, check for specific content, trigger events in your processes and create programs, that really work for themselves online. But Webpages are dynamic and complex entities. Popups can appear and ads are shown where previously have been none. Be careful with these tools of mass destruction!

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