Installing web apps on your phone is getting easier!

A change is coming and it is a big step into the smartphone for all web developers: The “add to homescreen” functionality, that we have used before is nice, but Google is changing Chrome on Android (and ultimately Android itself) to be able to install web apps as real apps:

Henrik Joreteg wrote a nice article about it!

The trick is to utilize the caching of the page right with service workers. I have developed a tool called, which creates Apps from Excel files. You may test it for free! Apps created there have these service workers installed and use those. If you visit the site on your smartphone the first time, you will see something like:

add app to homescreen

So I am pretty excited that getting the user to install your web apps for real directly from your pages will be much easier soon! 2017 will be a very exciting year for developers of Apps!

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