Last product launch of 2016: Create Apps with Excel

After we finished a German employer branding game for a customer by the end of November in Javascript, I finally had some time to follow an idea I already had very early in 2016:

Creating apps by dropping Excel files into your browser!

App Maker

In the past months we repeatedly got requests by smaller companies to create simple data gathering tools. Mostly recording positions or simple surveys for chains or franchise companies. It always cooked down to the same process:

  1. Create a single form
  2. Work the form on a tablet or smartphone
  3. Send the data back to the office

So, we decided to create a tool for that, so anybody can create apps by dropping files into an upload box in the browser. the project is named “drop2app” and will go live on the 8th of December for an “soft launch”. We are almost done with the big challenges and are currently preparing the site for it.

This will be the last release for 2016 and we hope to leave the year with a finished and bug-free product. Stay tuned!


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