New Proxy-Switcher Plug-In for Chrome (and SEOs)

As our first software release in 2017 I have been working on a Chrome extension, that helps me to switch my location in Chrome, using our own PersonaTool network.

Writing a plugin for Chrome is basically the same Javascript development we do for our other products, so the pure coding work was less than a day. I have spent the most work figuring out, how to setup the structure right and getting the whole app to work in that little pop-up window under the extension icon:

Chrome Proxy

and it works like a charm. Click on the image to check the extension, if you are on Chrome. The extension sets your active SOCKS5 proxy which means all your HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic goes there, as long as the proxy is activated. Together with the profile management on Chrome (which you should know about), this enhances our PersonTool universe with a nice little extra feature!

profiles with chrome

You can add the extension on Chrome only to the profiles you need it in, if you want to have only certain instances of your browser using it…

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