The spring of Javascript 2017

Over 3 months of silence in the blog and we have been busy.

After the relaunch of two partner sites in German and the roll-out of our classifieds site for mobile phones earlier this year, we have focussed on improving our technology for business apps. The backend on has gotten some cosmetics and we have implemented more proxies to update PersonaTool soon.

We have ramped up know-how with the Varnishd for faster and more secure Apps on German infrastructure – a caching server like nginx that we like for its simple scripting language to tinker with backend protection.

I also like to point you to the Materialize template set, which we used on our mobile-first classifieds site in German. A modern look and fast page rendering – a true competition for Bootstrap (which we also like a lot).

Last, but not least: some speed imrovements for our Apps by working on a lot of small things with some inspiration from my friend Bastian, who showed a simple header trick in his presentation in Munich earlier this year:

<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//">
<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//">

as a little improvement for less milliseconds when loading a page. These little lines give you a measurable improvement on the first load of a page (and ultimately the web apps we are building).

We are now diving back into development for our customers. Have a great spring time in the Northern Hemisphere!

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