Customer retention: “noreply” is a bad idea

Good marketing and good customer service should go hand in hand. Once you converted a stranger into a customer, the important retention game starts. After all, the rule of thumb is: It is five times more expensive to attract a new customer than to hold him forever – especially in our SaaS business (here is a good case study)!

So, “taming the herd” has its own rules and requirements and it always makes me angry, when I see service notifications from platforms or companies I use that come from the horrible

[email protected] – or even worse – [email protected]

email addresses. Probably followed by a request to fill out some questionnaire about the service. That whole idea is so wrong, I do not know where to even start my rant about it. I consider it just rude to be put into a one-way street, when I give you my money.

If you want to improve your services or your products, getting feedback and questions from your customers is valuable. Yes, it produces costs, efforts and if you operate on a large scale you need the structures and processes to handle it. But for revenue sake: do it! Even the unwanted, supposedly stupid question can improve your product by miles, if you handle it right. Swallow your pride or laziness and welcome critic into your business process – it can only become better.

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