Open Source, Javascript and Business

The year 2019 is coming to an end and we have started various new things around our “Javascript in Business” vision. The biggest move was working with our friends at Cocomore AG on Vicoland to create a platform for freelancers to work in teams and getting projects done with larger groups of freelancers. We did that in Angular 8 in the frontend and PHP7 in the backend on AWS. It was a great project that made the first public impact early December.

EXIF viewer

Additionally we have started a new Open Source project based on the famous Electron JS platform (which you probably know from such nice products like Slack or Microsoft Visual Studio). The project was named: – Cross Platform Applications

It boasts with a simple way for Javascript developers to publish plugins on top of it and offers a safe and regulated (just as much as needed) way onto the desktop of business users.

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