Micro-Influencer Marketing

The term “Influencer” implies a lot. A lot of followers or readers, who look at the published content of the influencer.

It also means, that the publishing person is a person, not a company.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has grounded me at home and travel went down a minimum, I looked at the current social networks and the way, influencer marketing works.

As always with new Internet terms: the real definition of the buzzword somewhat lacks depth. Most of the articles I have read see some surreptitious advertising implied and some shady practices on Instagram or Facebook.

Well, IMHO is this a pretty clear consequence of the Web. I have written an university article in 1994 about “the Internet” as a mass media. My professor said, this is not and will never be a mass media. Well, to err is human.

Now we have a mass media in the form of the web, reaching into all kinds of devices (Apps) and that “Influencer Marketing” has some reach is just the result of the same laws as in radio or TV: content + marketing. People, who gain a massive amount of followers just post content that is interesting for the users and they know how to reach more of them than the next guy.

That brought me to my new idea: “What about the micro-influencers?”. Meaning, there are people, who only have 100 followers, yet these 100 followers are true followers, who are interested in the occasional posting of said “micro influencer”. Maybe 2 of them really buy the products, that the guy recommends, because he knows his stuff and gives valid reasons for it.

For those I have started to code “www.fanfario.com” – a site focussed on fans and enthusiasts. It will go live on the 1st of September 2020 and offer micro-advertising for micro-influencers.

If you want to see it upfront and jump the wagon early: let me know, I will give you the password to check it out!

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